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P.O. Box 21057
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Strategic Consulting

Strategic technology consulting for online business process initiatives.

Website Development Consulting

Codestorm has over a 20 years of legal marketing and web development experience.  We will work with you to translate your specific marketing goals objectives and client needs into a comprehensive online cohesive strategy strategy. 

Web technology and tools are evolving at breakneck speeds, and web users are adapting their habits and expectations almost as quickly. Understanding the value of website data is extremely important. Integrating your strategy into valuable website content and the needs of your website visitors will raise the quality of the visitor’s experience.

Codestorm can cut through the jargon and hype. We can determine the best approach for your client personas and implement an integrated web strategy that meets your marketing objectives. Measuring those objectives through inbound marketing will close the loop on a successful solution. Call us and let us know how we can help you.